The TransferWise Multi-Currency Debit Card has landed in Japan

Written by Doc Kane

January 27, 2021

How to Get a TransferWise Borderless Debit Card in Japan

Updated: April 5, 2021

When I first arrived in Japan in 2017, I would have killed for something like the TransferWise multi-currency account and their Platinum debit Mastercard® which launched here in Japan, January 26, 2021. 

What's the benefit of a TransferWise (now Wise) debit card?


  • Get the real exchange rate on every purchase

  • Free overseas cash withdrawals up to ¥30,000 every month.

  • Pay no foreign transaction fees or annual fees.

That's unbeatable. 

The debit card allows those of us living in Japan to purchase goods and services in 50 currencies on a single card, without any foreign transaction fees or bank fees to eat into our bank balance. Each and every time I visited Japan prior to settling down here it pained me greatly to see my money disappear out the window and into the already fat pockets of Bank of America and Japan's 7-11 ATM empire. No more.

Being a TransferWise evangelist and account holder as it is, signing up was super-simple and I was in and out of the process for signing up for the TransferWise debit card in probably two minutes. The only thing I had to do outside of confirming my address and paying the ¥1,200 initial fee was setting up two-step verification. Done.

What happened next? About two weeks later (that image below is from my account setup!), I received my shiny new Borderless Transferwise debit card, opening up so many transaction opportunities both as an individual account holder and a business man doing business overseas.

Wondering how to get a TransferWise debit card of your own?

Simply wander on over to the TransferWise site today and get in on the action. You can listen to my full review on YouTube as well.

I love TransferWise for their ease of set up, attention to freelancers, contractors, and expats living not only in Japan, but the world over. You owe it to yourself to check out their borderless debit card, and their borderless bank account.

TransferWise Borderless Debit Card Japan

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