1000 Entrepreneurs

by Doc Kane
Updated: December 30, 2021

What if you could kick off your consultancy in just 28 Days?

And what if you could have experienced professionals like yourself show you precisely how to source clients, build a book of business, manage revenue, and market your offering without spending excessively and wasting years learning from less-than-stellar advisors.

1000 Entrepreneurs was designed with you in mind. With me in mind. Because for two decades I knew enough, but not enough. And between 2020 and 2022, something changed. I was able to finally put decades of marketing, communications and sales experience to work (working together) to increase the return on my time and money beyond my expectations.

Things finally clicked because I found the right people to learn from, and because I entwined their systems into my own. That became the construct, convey, and commence framework, and because it leverages Kaizen principles consultants get up and running quickly, and each co-hort benefits from the constantly evolving and learning aspect of the model.

We think it’s the best model around for launching a consultancy quickly so you don’t have to waste years figuring out everything out on your own.

The idea is you have experience, plug that into our model, and play.

No fooling around with tech.

No following around with what you don’t need to mess with.

You want to get on with building the business. That’s what we help you don.

Built into every Entrepreneurs experience is an end date. We enforce planned obsolescence in our own program. We’re not here to string you a long. We’re hear to get you up and running fast, then out so you can outperform your own goals.

You are always a Nihon Hustle alumni, and will always be a part of the community. And, we’d love to welcome you back as one of our adjuncts.

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1. What is 1000 Entrepreneurs?

1000 Entrepreneurs is an initiate of mine to help 1000 people start their own small business before March 17th, 2027.

As of the first of January 2022, my main focus is on helping people launch a consultancy because as a small business model it’s the simplest to launch from your garage, living room, or spare den, and it’s the best way to leverage experience you’ve already gained in your career.

Moves can be made quickly, efficiency can be achieved quickly, and it’s possible (unlike many, many other businesses) to follow a basic framework, or playbook to get things done.

As the initiative grows beginning in 2022, co-horts and a community will evolve, and we’ll all be able to help one another to accomplish even more magic.

2. Who Can Get Involved in the 1000 Entrepreneurs Community?

Because 1000 Entrepreneurs is both a community and a curriculum, to become part of the community, you have to also be a part of the curriculum.

Think of it almost as if you’re taking night classes at a university that focused on providing consultants with the education, support, and technical implementation to get things done. Once you’re in, you’re an alumni for life.

1000 Entrepreneurs

2. How does 1000 Entreprenuers Work?

1000 Entrepreneurs is a framework to growing a consultancy that helps you get up and running without spending countless months and years THINKING about starting—the aim is to getyou out of the gate fast using time-honored technique and systems other consultants used to launch their businesses.

The initial step is boiling down how you help people, and how you serve the market. To get there, entrepreneurs go through out Log Line Lab first, then, transition to the 28-day Rapid Deployment Challenge.

Log Line Lab helps you refine your message Hollywood style so you’re ready for the next step in the process wihich is actually getting your about page written, and then launching for consulting website.

In the 28 Day Rapid Deployment Challenge you’ll have your very own website development team that will get all the tech taken care of for you. You won’t have to lift a finger on the tech side. So, that means, WordPress done for you.

The selection and optimizeation of your images done for you.

Plugin installations and lciecenss paid for you.

All you have to do is come up with a log line, and your about page and then Doc will work with you personally to refine and perfect both.

If you finish all the content needed for your basic site within 28 days, we refund $700 of your enrollment in the program.

Beyond the Rapid Deploment Challenge, how you learn is up to you. It’s all a lacarte.

There is an orer we suggest, but you can take things you need to learn, and pass on others. Regardless, you’ll get invitations to all of our adjuct classes at no cost, once you complete the 2-Day Challenge and become a Nihon Hustle, 1000 Entrepreneurs Alumni.

3. How much does 1000 Entrepreneurs Cost?

The cost for the program varies dependent on the models you decide to pursue, but for most entrepreneurs, the average cost is somewhere between $3-10,000 a year.

Because as a program, #1000 Entrepreneurs has been developed to help entrepreneurs pursuing their very first consultancy, The RDC is a required element of the program. Cost for the RDC is $2700., with $700 of that refunded to each participant upon completing the challenge.

Participants who do not complete the challenge by the 28th day, pay the full amount. But, to date, that has never happened! 😉

If you are a small business owner not in need of a website, and more interested in our a la carte offerings, prices for those courses can be found on our course page, but generally from from $200-$800.

If you would like to engage the Nihon Hustle team to help you with lead generation, design, or other marketing related activities, those can be found on our project pricing page.

The most efficient and direct way to launch your consultancy. First step, nail your story. Then enroll in the 28-Day Rapid Deploment Challenge to get your website up and running. After that, choose from our a la carte training offerings from top adjuct professionals in marketing, sales, revenue operations, communications and partnerships. Everything comes with our unbeatable guarantee. No lock-in, no risk.

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