TransferWise Review: The Best Way to Send Money to Japan using an International Money Transfer

Updated: April 19, 2021

Need to send money to Japan? Or, have a general need to transfer money abroad?

Maybe you have friends, family or business colleagues you need to send money to from Japan? Transferwise (now Wise) is your best ally when it comes to safely and quickly moving money from one bank account to another, epecially when sending money to Japan.

In this Transferwise review, I take a look at my experience using Transferwise, and share a particularly interesting new addition to the review as well: the actual back and forth between my father, who lives in the United States, and myself as he went through the process of sending me money here in Kobe. I think you'll  find it interesting, and perhaps… a bit humorous? Maybe even relatable!

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* Wise. 2021. Wise、旧TransferWise: オンライン海外送金 | 国際的な銀行業務. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 March 2021].

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