You've told yourself once again… “2021 is my year.” … and you're right. It is your year.


Many mistakes we make as freelance writers hide in the shadows and silently ding us without us knowing. I learned over the years how to avoid most of them. And that's why I wrote this little book. It's just off it's feet, and I'd love your feedback. If you'd like to help me make the rest of this book the most valuable resource it can be, grab these free chapters by signing up to be a beta reader. What's the catch? I'll send you an email or two (and that's it) for feedback on the book before the end of the year. If you want to help, I'd love the feedback. Cool? Thanks.

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Mistaking Referrals for Sales

Many writers hear (and believe) that referrals are the most honorable way to get business, and the only way “real” professional writers get business. I'll demonstrate why believing in this myth is foolhardy, why it's one the most common reasons writers fail, and how to correct the mindset.

Improper Quoting

Whether you're under-quoting, or over-quoting, both can be deadly for your content creation business. If you focusing on the value you deliver, listen to the market, and price with gusto, but don't go overboard, you'll have as much work as you can handle. I'll spill the beans on just how my pricing went as well. From newbie to vet.

Who's Got Your Six?

We writers often like to operate as solopreneurs. That has benefits, for sure, but many drawbacks as well. When we get the right kind of help we perform better and live more healthy lives. This is probably a chapter we all need (still!)

Hamster Wheel Life Getting YOUR stuff done—actual creative work.

I have met many a writer with this illness. I still suffer from it most days. But, we all need the reminder, and that's what you'll get in this chapter. You'll learn how not doing your own creative work will kill you from the inside out, and how to make room for the creativity that rests deep in your soul.

What's coming in the second edition!

In this final part of the book, you'll see what's on deck as well as where you might be able to include yourself in the final edition released later in 2021. Cool, no?

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