Top Kids Bicycle Helmets in Japan (Reviewed and Rated for Q1 of 2023)

Doc Kane —Updated: April 11, 2023

Whether their riding with or without training wheels, protecting our little one’s heads is important. Let’s have a look at some of the top bicycle helmets for kids.



Bern Nino



OGK Kabuto

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Kids need a helmet. And, this month with the new mandatory helmet law in Japan, everyone should be wearing a bike helmet in Japan.

This month, I’m starting to dive head first (figuratively, of course!) and curate some of the best advice regarding choosing a good helmet for children here in Japan.

A lifelong cyclist myself, and triathlon official, I certainly know the importance of a helmet. Plus, I major fall when I was a kid head first over the handlebars (with a helmet on, thankfully!) cemented my belief in their importance for safety. And, heck… these days, they look pretty neat! Check out that Bern!

This is a beginning guide, and I’ll flesh it out over the coming weeks. Enjoy for now! Cheers, Doc

What is the Best Bicycle Helmet for you In Japan?

From the manufacturer: 

Junior helmet with lightweight high strength in-mold construction
Simple design in matte color
The size adjustment dial is adjustable in height
One-push removable chin strap
Release Year/Model Year: 2019

2. uvex

From the manufacturer:

Hard Shell Construction Junior Helmet Made of Durable ABS Material
10 ventilation holes for high breathability
Size adjustment via dial on back of head
One-push removable chin strap
Cool Matte Color

From the manufacturer:

This NINO has records the explosive hit in the kids’ helmet category, even in Japan. The boyish style and cuteness are an exquisitely mix, and it is sure to be a model that is right for you to call it standard.

ZIP MOLD+ 18 ventilation holes for superior breathability It is surprisingly lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time without any stress. EZ-FIT Adjustable Strap Feature Not only does it improve performance, but it also reduces stress caused by prolonged wear.

General name of the signature design by the SINK FIT BERN brand. It refers to the original helmet design that allows for more coverage than other helmet brands. Material: ZIP MOLD Weight: 11.8 oz (318 g) Sizing: XS-S (Recommended age 2-3 years), S-M (Recommended head circumference) XS-S (18-20.3 inches (48-51.5 cm), S-M (20.3-21.5 inches (51.5-54.5 cm)

Best Bike Helmets in Japan

From the manufacturer:

Hard ABS + High Density EPS: The outer shell is made of ABS material that has excellent balance of mechanical properties such as stiffness, hardness, processing, impact resistance, and bending fatigue. It can reduce impact and prevent injuries. The inner shell of this sports helmet is lightweight and has excellent heat insulation, water resistance, and shock absorption, and the inner shell of the sports helmet, adding safety to your head during falls

3D Protection Cushion + Bonus Replacement Cushion: Comes with thick and soft cushioning inside the helmet to protect the front head, back, side head and top of the head. Made of porous material for good sweat absorption, you can remove it and wash it after you take it out and we also provide replacement cushions (front and back of the head), so you can easily solve the hygiene problem of your helmet and use it for a long time

(11 Ventilation Holes + 3-in-1 Adjuster System) The 11 ventilation holes design allows for easy heat dissipation and cooling, leaving your head feeling refreshed. The advanced 3-in-1 omnidirectional adjuster system allows you to fine tune the length and head circumference in all directions

Improved Asian Model: This helmet is mostly an Western model (ellipse), and is a long head shape (narrow width and the back of the head). When wearing a western model, the side head of the head is pressed, so our technicians spent a year developing a modular (round) made exclusively for Asian children.

It is more suitable for Japanese head shape and provides better protection for the entire head while wearing comfort
CPSC Safety Standards + ASTM Safety Standards + 6 Month Warranty: The CPSC Standard is a safety standard that is considered one of the standards in helmets in the United States and around the world. ASTM standards are established by the American Testing and Materials Association of America (ASTM International), the world’s largest standardized organization.

From the manufacturer (machine translated from the original Japanese):

(Excellent quality that protects both children and adults) The outer shell is made of ABS, which has an excellent balance of mechanical properties such as rigidity, hardness, workability, impact resistance, and bending fatigue resistance, reducing impact and preventing injury. can. High-density EPS, which is lightweight, has excellent heat insulation and water resistance, and also has excellent shock absorption, is used as the inner shell of the sports helmet, adding safety to the head in the event of a fall for both children and adults.

(All-directional 3D protection cushion + replacement set included) The inside of the helmet has a thick and soft cushion that protects the front, back, temporal and parietal areas in all directions. Porous material has good sweat absorption performance, can be taken out and washed, and a replacement cushion (set in all directions) is added to easily solve the hygiene problem of the helmet, realizing long-term use. 

[Ventilation system + omnidirectional adjustment adjuster] The design of 11 ventilation holes allows for good air flow and easy heat dissipation and cooling, keeping your head refreshed. The advanced 3-in-1 omnidirectional adjuster system can finely adjust the side ear, under the chin, length and head circumference in all directions to fit the face of children and adults perfectly.

[Improved model for Asia] Most of the helmet models on the market today are European and American models (elliptical), because Westerners have long heads (narrow width and protruding back of the head). However, Asians are brachycephalic (wide and precipitous), so if you wear a Western model, the side of the head will be compressed and the fit will be uncomfortable. Our Asian children’s and adult’s model (circular) is more perfect for the Japanese head shape, providing a comfortable fit and better protection for the entire head.

[CPSC and ASTM Safety Standards + One Year Warranty] The CPSC standard is a safety standard that is considered one of the standards among helmets distributed in the United States and around the world. ASTM standards are standards developed by the American Testing Materials Association (ASTM International), the world’s largest standardization organization. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Bell MIPS Helmet with LED

From the manufacturer:

Size M: Head circumference 21.3 – 22.0 inches (54 – 56 cm)
Depending on your child’s head shape, the helmet may not fit even if it is within the size range

With excellent breathability, this helmet provides great ventilation so that even the sweatiest of children will not overheat

It can be fitted to the wearer’s head using the size adjustment dial
With reflective sticker to increase visibility from the rear

With removable sun visor

What are some of the highest rated bicycle helmets for kids?


—2. uvex

—3. Bern Nino

—4. Outdoor MASTER

—5. Nuvole

—6. OGK Kabuto

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