Top Bicycle Helmets in Japan (Reviewed and Rated for Q4 of 2023)

Doc Kane —Updated: October 22, 2023

These days in Japan we need a helmet for cycling. To or from work, its time to protect that noggin.

OGK Kabuto

Smith Forefront


Giro Aerohead



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Seeing as we’re all pretty much required to wear bicycle helmets here in Japan after the introduction of the new cycling helmet rules here this month, I figured I’d start to pull apart (and curate for now) some of the best advice regarding choosing a good helmet here in Japan, including the best bike helmets list for kids.

A lifelong cyclist myself, and triathlon official, I certainly know the importance of a helmet. Plus, I major fall when I was a kid head first over the handlebars (with a helmet on, thankfully!) cemented my belief in their importance for safety. And, heck… they can kinda look pretty darn cool… even when people make fun of you—like they did when I was in college. Now everyone wears one without even giving it a second though. Time for us here in Japan to pick up the pace a bit, no?

This is a beginning guide, and I’ll flesh it out over the coming weeks. Enjoy for now! Cheers, Doc

What is the Best Bicycle Helmet for you In Japan?

From the manufacturer: 

Challenge time while staying cool.

The Aerohead MIPS is a helmet for triathletes and time triathletes who want a balance between low drag and cooling performance. Made of a lightweight polycarbonate shell with low drag shape.

Wind Tunnel ventilation and internal channel construction help keep your head cool and ready to race in the heat Aerohead MIPS features a unique eye shield that hugs your eyes with great visibility, clarity and a magnetic anchor attachment ensures the shield stays in place while easily removing and flipping up for easy transition from swim to motorcycle to run.

Equipped with a MIPS system that changes the direction of impact energy is applied for added protection against certain impacts. SPEC Polycarbonate Shell Super Fit Engineering ZEISS Optics Eyeshield Magnetic Anchor Attachment Construction: In-molded polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

From the manufacturer:

Ready, set, send. This next generation of our award-winning Smith Forefront mountain bike helmet has your back (and front, and sides) thanks to MIPS® and complete Koroyd® impact protection.

Designed to work with goggles or sunglasses, the helmet vents warm air, eliminating foggy lenses so you’ll feel confident even if your line of sight is less than ideal. And when your palms start to sweat right before you drop in, you’ll stay cool thanks to a full 20 vents that keep the air flowing.

The visor adjusts for easy goggle storage between laps, and you can slide your glasses for secure storage on the front or back.

Product Details


Complete Koroyd® coverage for lightweight, energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection
MIPS® Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head

Integrated skeletal structure creates a roll cage for added strength and impact protection
CPSC and CE EN 1078 certified

Fit / Integration

Designed for ultimate integration with Smith performance eyewear and goggles for maximum comfort, venting and storage convenience
AirEvac™ ventilation system integrates with Smith goggles and eyewear for fog-free lenses
VaporFit™ dial adjustment system offers 270-degree fit adjustment with the turn of a dial

20 fixed vents for consistent airflow
Three-position adjustable visor
Ionic+® antimicrobial lining offers sweat-activated odor control
Lightweight, low-bulk single-layer webbing
Front and rear eyewear storage channels
Camera and light mount compatible 

From the manufacturer:

High Impact Resistant & Lightweight Design: CPSC, CE, CPC/CQ Certified, Shinmax bicycle helmet, adopts high-density EPS and high rigidity PC cover, which can effectively absorb external impact force. The EPS and PC material ensure the safety of the bicycle helmet while also being lightweight, only 10.6 oz (300 g), making it safer and more comfortable than ever. The lightweight design has been improved to combine the old cycle cap function to protect your head.

(Night Light Included for Increased Safety) The back of the bicycle helmet is equipped with a night LED light, and you can press the center part for easy use. Includes 3 light modes, making it more visible on the dark road, increasing visibility and increasing safety. Easy to replace batteries, make your night cycling more safe. (Extra battery included)


(Blackout Visor Design) The one-piece design of the sun visor provides extra protection, protecting your eyes in the sun and preventing discomfort. Can be worn with goggles / protective glasses / windproof pads without any discomfort. This bicycle helmet is perfect for commuting to work or school or MTB


(Excellent Breathability) An easy shield style bicycle helmet, looks cool and aerodynamically designed ventilation holes that allow air to pass through, and a scientific analysis based on wind tunnel experiments to improve the breathability inside of the helmet at low speeds, effectively reducing the air resistance and effectively dissipating the heat of the helmet, allowing you to feel more comfortable


Size Adjustable & Washable: The improved Shinmax bicycle helmet is suitable for Asians. The size of the head can be adjusted using the star dial on the back, and the size can be adjusted from 22.4 to 24.0 inches (57 to 61 cm). The easy-to-adjust webbing (twisting left and right), the ergonomic design allows it to fit any shape of the head and ensure a comfortable fit. Road bike helmet fits men and women. The interior is made of high-quality materials that are less irritating to the skin, and it is also removable, making it convenient to wash. Wash on a regular basis for a comfortable use every time. Use mild detergent

Best Bike Helmets in Japan

From the manufacturer:

“CANVAS-URBAN” is an urban helmet of the new-normal era that suits all cycle scenes such as cross bikes, folding bicycles and mini velo cycles as a means of running around the city avoiding crowds such as commuting to work / school and food delivery.

The simple oval-shaped front section and the rear section, are naturally synchronized. Also, by installing the included “Canvas Visor”, more active styling is possible. You can add casual and urban accents to your suit style as well as your daily wear.

From the manufacturer:

STRONG PROTECTION: Adopting high-density and lightweight EPS foam and durable PC material, the EASTINEAR motorcycle helmet is very helpful for reducing impact and buffing. The superior technology ensures improved safety performance and the soft pad can absorb pressure from external impact. When adults wear our bicycle helmet, they will feel more secure and comfortable with all purpose protection and care.

Ultra Bright LED Tail Light: The super bright LED tail light on the back makes it easy to find the user and keep it much safer for night cycling. Helmet effectively alerts the car behind and keeps a safe distance and helps people identify your direction clearly. 3 powerful flashing modes (constant flashing – breathing mode) make it a reliable partner to deal with various situations.

Ventilation and Ultra Lightweight: Streamlined construction with symmetrical large air vents is key to provide users with exceptional ventilation and heat dissipation. These vents and trucks guide air flow throughout the helmet to accelerate cooling. Excellent wearing experience is super lightweight 290g/0.63lbs, soft inner pad, chin strap and pad will help you throughout your cycling journey

PERFECT FOR URBAN AND WILD: Basic business look bicycle helmet is the perfect match up to work, shopping, and wild, no matter your shirt or sports suit.

ALL-ROUND ADJUSTMENT: EASTINEAR motorcycle helmet can provide 3-dimensional adjustable adjustment with up/down and circumference. The user can easily adjust the perfect size in a simple step. Head Size:57-61cm /22.8-24.4in Please measure your head circumference correctly before purchasing.

Bell MIPS Helmet with LED

From the manufacturer:

As pioneers of removable chin bar technology, we have a legacy to uphold and overcome. We designed the Super Air R from the ground up to push the boundaries of performance and versatility — starting with Spherical Technology™. Spherical Technology’s Ball-and-Socket design, powered by Mips®, helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash.

Throw in superior ventilation, a total weight that is 22%, or 144 grams, lighter than its predecessor, and an easy 2-click removable chin bar — and you’ve got a true all-mountain performer.

Availability, certification, color, and pricing may vary per region. 

What are some of the highest rated bicycle helmets?

—1. Giro Aerohead

—2. Smith Forefront

—3. Shinmax

—4. OGK Kabuto

—5. Eastinear

—6. Bell MIPS

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