How to Launch a Side Hustle as an Product Manufacturer—NEW for 2021.

by Doc Kane

by Doc Kane

Updated: May 12, 2021

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1. Why Start a Side Hustle as a Relocation Expert?

Helping other military spouses, and military families relocate to your base or another in your area, is just about the best military spouse job you can score with little effort beyond your own hustle.

In the section above on creating a course, bootcamp, or masterclass, you may have wondered… could I create such a course for military families coming to Japan and sell it online? You’d bet your sweet bottom dollar you could. You could also do it in person as a consultant, or on the phone, or via Zoom, or any of the better web conferencing platforms circulating around these days. I use WebinarJam, and Zoom, but there are a number of other webinar software tools of course, and I’ll link to a few of the best below.

The opportunities for this sort of side hustle are endless, though, really. And, because the flow of military families, DoD employees, and SOFA status workers is constantly in motion here in Japan and elsewhere, you can set yourself up for a business that continues to bring dividends long after you’ve left the country, or the military for that matter. It’s not a stretch to think you could be advising people about moving to or from Japan, while you’e acquiring knowledge about your new PCS move, and up-ramping that consulting effort as well. There is SO much you can do in this space its almost silly. And, once you’re secure in how to create your own income, you’re just a step away from helping others looking for military spouse jobs as well. There are all sorts of things you could consult on: military spouse benefits, military spouse scholarships (do you know about those!?), even the military spouse residency relief act. Help others in your situation. You already have the knowledge. Consulting, is one of my favorite side hustles for military families, and one that can provide a very scalable income for you and your family if you’re supporting someone other than yourself.

Think about it. If you can create guides and other tools for families, you can really set yourself up as an invaluable asset to new AND departing families. Because departing is just as important as arriving, right?! Below, I want to take a look at a few ways you can structure your business, and a few resources for helping you get off the ground. For some helpful information and free course training that could get you going in the right direction, check out LinkedIn’s free program for military spouses and active duty service members

This particular opportunity may very well be the simplest one for you to implement in as early as maybe… two months or so with the right tools, a decent budget, and a military sized amount of hustle. Ready?Go!

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