How to Launch a Profitable Side Hustle as Part Time Recruiter—NEW for 2021.

by Doc Kane

by Doc Kane

Updated: May 12, 2021

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1. Should you Start a Side Hustle as a Part-time Recruiter? Is it even possible?

Consider yourself a good communicator? Got solid sales chops? If you’re going to be living in Japan for a few years, have access to a good internet connection, and perhaps a solid VPN to allow for unrestricted access to sites in the U.S. without dealing with endless English-to-Japanese redirects, you might want to consider work as a part time, remote recruiter or sourcing specialist. The difference between the two is significant, but the salary and commissions for both would likely surprise you. And, the best part is many recruiting jobs in Japan and stateside can be had without meeting any Japanese language skills whatsoever—particularly if you’re locating and commissioning candidates in the software, marketing, or management fields, so this sort of work can be an excellent job for military spouses.

In Japan, there is much recruiting going on behind the scenes for foreign talent, and much of that talent first arrives without much if any Japanese under their belt. Many companies place their staff in immersion Japanese language boot camps at local universities and YMCA programs to get them up to speed, and many more forgo the training altogether because it’s just not necessary in some fields, or, for some positions.

So, if you think becoming a recruiter while in Japan, or a sourcing specialist working on the front lines helping to build a robust Japanese economy sounds like a good idea, check out some of the resources below regarding how to be a recruiter in Japan to help get you started.

Good gut instinct? Well connected? You should put those skills to use as a part-time recuiter. Best part? You can either be a sourcer, or talent agent from ANYWHERE. Help others find meaningful work, and earn commissions for your hustle at the same time. Check out Zip Recruiter for opporunities open right now.

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