How to Launch a Profitable Side Hustle as an Online Seller of Craftwork—NEW for 2021.

by Doc Kane

by Doc Kane

Updated: May 12, 2021

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1. Ready to Finally Sell Your Crafting Skills Online?

Good with your hands?

Whether you’re a woodworker, a weaver, a knitter or a Cricut machine master, the online crafting world can indeed be your oyster if you’re looking to boost your military family income here in Japan or elsewhere.

There are SO many opportunities to boost your income with craftwork it’s startling. Like any side hustle, though, this sort of adventure requires persistence, but as far as a good work at home, military spouse job, selling your handiwork, or the work of others can be lucrative. But, half-assing things will cause you to just get lost in the shuffle among the thousands of other vendors pushing their own wares.

As my wife continues to advise me, stretching your efforts into many side hustles, instead of focusing on one, results in, well… lackluster results. So, if you’re serious about your talents with the needle and thread, with the paintbrush, with the pen… then get out there and crush it by being consistent. There are a number of marketplaces where you can ply your trade, and while I’m far from the expert in this area, I hope my research helps. My wife’s father is a 6th dan calligrapher, and creates the most amazing calligraphy for our Japanese literature translations at Maplopo. He could likely sell the bejeezus out of his artwork, but well… he’s focused too. On being a monk.  So, for now, we get the distinct pleasure of being his sole collector. 

Cheers, and GO!

After the bump… some of the amazing marketplaces that will allow you to sell your own crafts online whether you’re a military family living in Japan, Germany, the U.S. … or, wherever! Military families… go!

If you can make it, I want to buy it. It so do lots of other people. Why let your talent languish on the shelf when you can help others beautify their lives with your work? Kick off your online crafting career today with Zibbet.

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