Remote Academic Center Tutor Team Lead at a Major University

by Doc Kane
Updated: July 24, 2021

  • Date of Job Posting:  July 22, 2021
  • Valid Through: August 22, 2021
  • Remote Work Percentage: 100%
  • Work Location: Work from Anywhere (US National)
  • Job Location Address: West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • Job Type: Employee
  • Job Schedule: Part Time
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree
  • Career Level: Manager
  • Travel Required: Not Mentioned in job posting
  • Base Salary and Benefits: Not mentioned in job posting
  • Hiring Organization: Available on application website
  • Job Skills Categories: Education & Training, College & University, Online Teaching, Tutoring

Synchronous and asynchronous teaching and tutoring has rocketed to a pace never before anticipated. This major midwestern university could use the help of a skilled academic advisor. Can you help? Hustle on.

1. Where will you be working?

This position is a 100% remote job. The university, however, is located in the heartland of America.

2. What sort of activities does the Academic Center Tutor Team Lead do?

As a former academic advisor myself (I worked at the University of Minnesota for a number of years, both as a peer advisor, then later as second to the chief advisor in the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture), I found this post quite intriguing…

A fully remote, part time, academic advisor post? Wow. I would have killed for that sort of opportunity fifteen years ago when I was advising. No need to drive to camus in the freezing cold for half of Minnesota’s lovely two-season year? I’ll take it.

You might like this remote academic advisor position for similar reasons if not more…

Here’s the kind of work you’ll be doing if you win this gig:

Essentially, you’ll be helping tutors, as well as the academic support specialist and center manager render effective support to the university’s global student population.

Pretty straight forward.

You’ll serve as point for center tutors, and address questions, complaints, and the occasional tech issue. As team lead, you’ll also guide and assist in the mentoring of new tutors, as well as conduct study sessions and campus outreach tours.

If you have any sort of academic advising experience as it is, this role will feel familiar to you.

To apply, you’ll need a Masters (no surprise there, unfortunately), five years experience teaching, or practical experience in a related field. Tech savvy to manage the remote and tech aspeect of things (as youmight expect), and supervisory experience would all be plusses.

Ready to toss your hat in the ring? Let’s find out more about the institution you’ll be working with if you get the gig…

2. Why work part time as an academic advisor at this University? 

This university is globally recognized, and a supporter of flexible, part-time, and remote work. It provides generous benefit packages (although, those options are not mentioned in this post), and it is considered one of the premeir institutions for STEM education. So, if you have talents, or experience sharing your talents in Math, English, Writing, Science, Technology or Business, you’ll find yourself in a good spot.

3. What sort of job benefits are offered?


  • Specific benefits for this post were not described, so you’ll want to ask your point of contact directly.

4. How Can You Apply?

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Good luck!