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Where Are You Headed?

Most folks come here with a few questions in mind. This F.A.Q. should help point you in the right direction.

How do I start a business in Japan?

Starting a business in Japan is not as difficult as it seems on the surface, and most of the information you’re going to need will depend on whether you live in Japan now and want to start a business in Japan as a resident, or, if you want to move to Japan to start a business, but currently live outside Japan. For now, most of your search can begin on the prefectural resources page. It is in continuous flux, but getting there.

What are good side hustles that pay well?

My entire list of recommended side hustles is on the main side hustle jobs page. They’re good on your spirit as well as your wallet, and no matter your geographical location. No Uber delivery, or babysitting jobs on this list.

How do I get my first consulting clients?

I have an email course you can sign up for that provides lots of detail into this including links to resources and a few videos from yours truly. It seems to help a lot of people. You can get in on the action by signing up for my Head Down, Beard Out Sunday newsletter. It’s the first thing you’ll get!

What kind of software do you recommend for solopreneurs?

You can find my ongoing reviews of software and business tools for small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on the entrepreneurs Tech Stack page. Once you land there, you’ll see all the different breakouts for a variety of businesses.

How can I learn how to tell good stories?

The best way to get insight into my take into storytelling for business is to connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m always sharing tips and tricks, and while my course is in development, you can check out a lot of what I have to say on LinkedIn. I’m easy to find.

What are good cities in Japan for entrepreneurs?

Japan is filled with many beautiful places to run a business, and help at the prefectures can be plentiful. But, of course, the most diverse opportunities lie in the big cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto, and Fukuokua.

How can I join a 1000 Entreprenuers Cohort?

Thanks for your interest in applying to an upcoming 1000 Entrepreneurs cohort. Cohorts run eight times a year, and information about applying as well as cost and how to make your application stand out, are all found on the #1000Entrepreneurs page.

Where can I get the Divi WordPress Theme for Consultants?

There are three ways to get the Divi WordPress Theme for Consultants.

1. You can get it for free by using my affiliate link to sign up for Divi. You’ll pay Divi for the license, then email me your receipt to recieve the theme and any other bonuses I happen to be offering at the time you sign up.

2. You can also get it for free when you’re accepted into the 1000 Entrepreneurs program, and go through the 28-Day Rapid Deployment Challenge.

3. You can buy it here at Nihon Hustle for $147.