Using A Unique Hands-on Approach That Ensures You Stand Out As An Authority In Your Market Without Having To Lift Barely A Finger On The Tech Side Of Things


THE RAPID DEPLOYMENT CHALLENGE (RDC for short) is a counterintuitive, content-forward, structured approach to launching a consulting website that allows you to quickly attract customers and sell your experience without the hassle of doing all the upfront tech work.

You get a professionally edited website, hosted on best-in-class WPMU servers, sharp design, and a bevvy of marketing education so you can position yourself as a recognizable (and reachable) authority in your area of expertise—setting yourself up to acquire customers in just 28 days.
We're able to do this because of the built-in construct, convey, and commence framework and it's leveraging of Kaizen principles that enable you to get up and running quickly, so you can and avoid the heartache of losing months of productivity learning the tech side of launching your consulting business.

And the best part is, we do almost all of it for you.

✅ Without spending untold amounts of capital…

✅ Without the need to learn all sorts of new tech…

✅ Without wondering exactly when you'll be able to hang out your own shingle.

Beginning with your very first day in the Nihon Hustle family, you can to tell everyone that by the time next month rolls around… you'll be done.

Done with all the tech. Done with the graphics. Done with the content.

DONE. And, ready to share your expertise with the world.

Because once you're done with your website, and it's set up and ready to go, you'll be freed up to get your first, OR, your next batch of clients.

You can do this. Ready to rock?

Welcome to…

The 28-Day Rapid Deployment Challenge


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(Nah, are you kiddin'? It's FREE, of course!)
Once you've signed up, I'll send you an editorial calendar as to what's coming when. PLUS, a little gift for hanging with us.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Before I created the Rapid Deployment Model, I was living in a constant tech quagmire. Because I was saving money on my multiple websites by using shared hosting, things were cheap, but abysmally slow. And because a safe, SEO-proper website needs constant updating of plugins, themes, schema and content to get their proper amount of Google-love, every morning for at least an hour or so, I found myself digging around on the back end of things, updating, installing, and tweaking even more settings to get each of these Frankestien parts to cooperate with one another.

I sure felt as though I was being productive, but if the consultant in me were to side sidebar and watch my morning routine, it would be quickly pointed out that I was being everything but productive. Worse, I was failing to pay attention to what would actually make a difference in the life of my business, and for my family—promoting and selling my services. I was saving money, but losing time—a ton of it.

Because none of these tools ever really played well together, using them became unsustainable. The constant need to iterate and update made it impossible to suitably get even a single website humming, and so…

I decided to find a better way.

I spent two years, thousands of dollars, and thousands more hours researching and testing every imaginable platform and technique in an attempt to find a better way to successfully launch a consulting brand online.

At times, I felt like James Madison searching for a more enlightened way to construct a better government by combing through trunk-loads of books sent to him from Europe by Thomas Jefferson…

In the end, it all paid off.

Because, at the tail end of 2019, I was able to engineer a single repeatable method that leveraged best practices in SEO, conversion optimization, content creation, Google speed optimization, design ideals, and lead generation techniques in a way that freed these disparate parts  from their typical business silos, and introduced them a la carte into a process that finally allowed them to hum in unison.

—It was as if sales and marketing finally got together and hugged, design and content finally found a way to shuffle more amiably between “which goes first.. the content, or the design?” … and the engineers finally found a way to communicate without the need for a technical writer.

Now, everything I needed to conscientiously—and swiftly—produce a consulting website for myself and others was do-able in under a month.

It was a true revelation, and the reason why I believe the Rapid Deployment Model is so helpful to consultants who want to get right to business, and not fiddle with tech, with design, with anything outside their area of expertise. Does that sound like you?

The Rapid Deployment model allows you to reach and acquire clients rapidly—by condensing the creation of your website into a mere 28-day window, with zero tech hassles…

… all while establishing you as an authority in your market space so you can be found, (and called upon) by clients and other professionals interested in your services.

See below to learn how it works in detail, but here’s a snapshot of how things play out:


Every business is built on one thing and one thing only – it’s ability to generate revenue…

…And revenue is largely based on the ability to get customers.
 Generating customers is also the #1 expense a business will incur in it’s quest for growth….

…That’s why I developed the Rapid Deployment model—to help consultants like myself ramp-up an online presence quickly so it then becomes possible to shift energy to where business growth happens. On the phone, in person, via email. We want to help clients achieve success. I want to help you do the same as a client of mine. And it all begins with a simple, yes, simple consulting website.

…So you can get found, get clients and get on with business building.

How far you scale is up to you.

…Here are a few of the folks I've worked with and their stories of what they’ve been able to accomplish with the help of the RDC model:




Small Business, Nuts and Bolts (2)



(Nah, are you kiddin'? It's FREE, of course!)
Once you've signed up, I'll send you an editorial calendar as to what's coming when. PLUS, a little gift for hanging with us.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Designed to help get you customers & clients on


Limited Time Special – Get in at the Founder's Rate For Only $800.00


The Only System You’ll Ever Need To Create Your Brand and Begin Acquiring Customers & Clients

I put everything I’ve learned, everything I use myself into this system so that you can learn from my mistakes, my wins, as well as benefitting from all the time, effort, and money that has gone
into the experiences that made their way into this system.

Here's Everything Else Your Getting Once You're Accepted Into The RDC Co-hort

Tackle Your Tech

Everything You'll Need

WordPress Theme Icon

WordPress Theme

Access for a full year to the World's most popular WordPress Theme—Elegant Theme's DIVI (an $89. value). Divi's beautiful themes are used by 767,154 WordPress developers and businesses around the world, and they have a full five star rating (13,658 and counting) on TrustPilot.


A fast website is the only website you should have. Using the WPMU's award winning Smush and Hummingbird pro plugins will help get you there.

11 WPMU Premium Plugins

Premium Plugins

The complete WMPU professional plugin pack to help you nearly automate SEO, image optimization, security, speed, mailing lists and more. You also get Embed Plus for YouTube Pro 3 (a $49.99 value), to eliminate the headache of integrating YouTube into your site, and Envira Gallery Pro (a $99.00 value) to help you visually show off any work you might want clients to see. Two plugins every small business owner should have on their site.

24/7 Live Chat Support

WPMU is world famous for it's custom, LIVE, chat support. I rarely wait more than 5 minutes for someone to come on the line, and can't believe I've lived without this level of support prior to now. WPMU is just shy of full five stars on TrustPilot... I would give them ten if I could. I would have them over for holiday if I could. I love WPMU, and you will too.


File scanning, firewall and two-factor authentication. Plus, stop malicious traffic before it ever reaches your site with WPMU hosted WAF. 

Nightly Backups

Automate incremental backups with nearly instant restores. Never worry about whether all the work you have put into your site is at risk.

Dedicated IP

For security, SEO, and reliability - nothing at WPMU is shared. 


Track the goings on of your consulting site without the heavy weight of additional plugins. See your sites' live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity in one easy place.

Staging and Migration

One-click synch to staging, and synch to live. Get your site ready before it goes live, or automatically migrate a site you already have, or have support do it for you, free.

10 Free Email Accounts

10 free @yourdomain email accounts per hosted site.

Free SSL Certificates

Of course, right? No smoke and mirrors here, SSL certificates are automatically applied your hosting account via Let's Encrypt.

Choice of 10 Data Centers

WPMU has servers in the  US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India, and Singapore to help speed your website along to your visitors in the location closest to where you reside.

Check Out The Step-by-step Video Demo
Of How the Construct, Convey, and Commence Model Works…

Here's What A Few Of Our Members Have To Say About Using The Rapid Deployment Model In Their Niche…

Here's How I Went From Business Ideas Collecting Dust, To Launching Two Companies In Two Years By  Leveraging The Operational Excellence Of Kaizen, And Turning The Traditional Website Building Model Upside Down

This Is Something New, Completely Different, Unlike Anything You've Likely Seen Before—Read The Story Below To Discover The Construct, Convey and Commence Model…


From: The desk of Doc Kane
Re: The most efficient way to get in front of customers & clients (and why your business is going to depend on it)

Dear Fellow Consultant,

I can do something you can't. Yet.

I can easily attract dozens of interested prospects to my consulting practice, who because of all the up-front work I've done building a client-focused web presence…

I can later team-up with to help solve pressing sales and marketing problems on projects that range between $4,000 and $10,000, and help them reach more customers using my content and lead generation services.

From there,

I transition a fair number of those businesses into long term clients… the kind of folks I look forward to sharing a cold or toasty beverage with here in Japan, and who hire me to work with them on retainer, or as a fractional team member, at rates upwards of $85,000 annually.

What's more…


Those Clients I Generate Everyday – Turn Into The Best Source of Referrals I Could Ever Ask For…

red underline

… because, as I'll show you in just a minute, being able to tell an effective story, being able to illustrate to my ideal client who I am and how I can help them, allows them to tell their friends and professional colleagues how I can help them too.

And the best part? …


The Entire Process, From Getting The Customer, To Converting That Customer Into a High Paying Client, Is Almost Entirely Automated


Making what I'm about to share with you,

The Single Most Effective Method Of Generating Customers & Clients — In Any Market And Any Niche…

And it all starts out by creating a simple, easy-to-browse and easy-to-find, fast-loading, SEO-backed WordPress website with a few basic pages of content to draw in ideal clients.

This whole effort helps others, impacts others of us in the consulting space, offers tremendous value right out of the gate, and at the end of the line, can truly change lives.

This effort generates a client for you for FREE and…

Combined With The Construct, Convey and Commence Framework— Turns Empty Web Real Estate into a Client-Grabbing Machine (All Within 28 Days)

If you're skeptical about that…

That's good.

Because there are a lot of people who like to make promises out there… that don't back them up…

… and, in fact—they can't back them upk (even if they wanted to).

I've been there…

And I know you don't want to hear any more promises…

You Want Proof — Real Proof…

You want proof it worked for me.

You want proof that it worked for others.

And Most Of All You Want Proof That It's Going To Work For You


But first, read this disclaimer:

I have the benefit of thirty years of experience as a writer and marketing guy, and have helped generate multiple seven figures and a slew of eager eyeballs for businesses in a host of verticals.

The average person who hangs out their shingle online gets little to no results.

I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.

If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS OFFER.


With That Said, Look At This…

red underline

They’re just a small part of a group of consultants…

who are using this breakthrough framework to generate hundreds of customers and turning them into high paying clients..

So The Question Isn’t If This Is Going To Work For You…

It worked for us and it worked for all of these other entrepreneurs…

The real question is:

…What Might They Be Doing That You're Not?


They’re just a small part of a group of consultants…

who are using this breakthrough framework to generate hundreds of customers and turning them into high paying clients..

So The Question Isn’t If This Is Going To Work For You…

It worked for us and it worked for all of these other entrepreneurs…

The real question is:

…What Might They Be Doing That You're Not?


Are you still trying to figure out how to draw in clients who will see you as the solution to their problems, and will work with you because they believe they can benefit from your expertise?

question_mark If you're not effectively presenting your specific solution, and how you're able to make a difference in the lives and businesses of your clients… what are some good ways to reshuffle that weakness into a positive? And when should you move on those ideas?

While they’re generating new business without having to rely soley on personal outreach?

question_mark If you're finding it difficult to generate create a groundswell of awareness about your offerings using your current marketing and visibility strategy, what should you do to change that?

Are you spending time and income reading marketing books (if you're not a marketing consultant) and trying to figure out how you're going to make this business work?
question_mark If the information taught in those books was geared toward founders and partners in the consulting industry, who would do all the actual consulting? … those books are for folks like me, not you.
While they are bringing in associate consultants and an admin team to keep up with the number of projects they’re winning?
question_mark … and your leads are paying them instead of you…

How is it that they are they making paid traffic profitable?

question_mark… while you’re making content and crossing your fingers that Facebook / IG / Youtube / LinkedIn will show it to the clients we spoke of before… those who can truly benefit from your expertise?

While you still struggle to simply figure out how these platforms work?
question_mark Shouldn't there be a better way?
Are you still finding your LinkedIn outreach to be lackluster, and ineffective at start a sales conversation?

question_mark When they can already sense your pitch before it lands…

While they have clients beating down their proverbial door to work with them?
question_markAs you are beating down the door of prospective clients in the hope they might work with you… and coming up short…
Are you creating random content on places like Medium and LinkedIn... perhaps even on a barebones website of your own that's hosted on Wix or Squarespace, and hoping something will hit?
question_mark … and telling yourself that content marketing is a sustainable model…
While they have a few strategic pieces of content that convert attention into sales?
question_mark Letting them spend the rest of their time enjoying their success instead of getting caught up in a “content calendar”

They’re Not Better, Smarter Or More Talented Than You – They’re Just Doing Things Differently Than You…

That means…

red_cross They're not operating without in-house, or contracted editors. Yep, I'm an editor, and this bodes well for me, but if you're writing anything that is going to be consumed by future and current clients and not using an editor, this is one biggie your more progressive competition figured out a long time ago.

red_cross They're not hosting their website on a website builder like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or other such shops because of the inherent lack of control, as well as the lack of theme, plugin and content flexibility…. not to mention the smoke and mirrors (expensive) pricing structure.

red_cross They're not posting incessantly on social media—despite the current wisdom, there is a finite return on each of these properties… including LinkedIn.

red_cross They're not over-doing it on content creation—too much content means too much time away from solving client problems. New and repeat business is a intentional contact, exposure, and a demonstration of worth and personality. You don't need to be flashy and everything to everyone to win business from your preferred clients. You are not McKinsey, or Bain, BCG… any of the big shops… Who also, by the way are not “everywhere.”

red_cross They're not relying soley on cold calling—but they definitely do it.

red_cross They're not befriending people on social media and then pitching them… no one appreciates that… you too, right?

In fact: they’re not doing anything that just about everyone else is doing when it comes to acquiring clients…

They do something entirely different…

…Something that actually works.

In fact: they’re not doing anything that just about everyone else is doing when it comes to acquiring clients…

They do something entirely different…

…Something that actually works.

Instead, What We Do Is Create An Automated Selling Machine

That works for us 24/7/365 – generating customers & clients on command

Using the ascension framework that allows you to…

Create a high value low priced front end product (in any market or niche)

And in turn generate 100-300 customers a day on autopilot

While at the same time ascending those customers into $5,000 – $10,000 coaching and consulting programs (that only require 1-2 hours of your time per week)


Here’s what it looks like and details of how and why each phase works

Now you can see…

Why this is the most powerful model to use in 2021 to acquire customers and clients….

double_arrow Are you currently offering your services to the market? Are you reaching and helping as many businesses as you would like? Chances are your online presence and branding might need a boost, and that's likely because it’s missing this one thing. And today, I’m going to hand that one thing to you.

double_arrow Clarifying your message pays for itself—forever.

double_arrow I think the fact, you get to build an audience of colleagues and clients who respect you as an authority because you're able to quickly demonstrate to them how you can address and solve the problems that plague their operations. With clear, quality messaging, built atop an easy to find, easy to navigate website, you front load value, and distance yourself in your market from other consultants not doing the same.

double_arrow I would say that the case study story approach is an excellent tool to promote, strengthen, and build your credibility and authority in your marketplace. It also gives you the opportunity to implant your solution in the minds of readers so when they're ready to become clients your approach to their business need is easy to recall and share with other team members.

double_arrow Low time investment

double_arrow This model ensures you do not end up squandering time with tech concerns, nor the production of less-than-stellar content. You know the web real estate you finalize at the end of your time in the cohort will be complete.

double_arrow Because you know what’s worse than losing time working outside of your wheelhouse? Ending up with less-than-stellar results.

double_arrow I want to spend more time helping clients solve their problems …because 1 hour saved by delegating unfamiliar tasks = 10 times the productivity

double_arrow Any successful entrepreneur knows it’s easier to bring in an expert and delegate than to handle everything on their own.

And That’s Where The Sales Pitch Ends

So, if you’re someone who hates reading long
sales letters – I’m going to save you a lot of time right now…

Let Me Explain To You How This All Came To Be, So That You Fully Understand Why It Works In The First Place…


Doc Kane from Nihon Hustle Hey, I'm Doc Kane…

Compare That Vs. The Low Cost High Value Model We Run

On-demand training covering WordPress, Your Plugins, and DIVI

By providing you with instructional video AND written tutorials, my goal is to enable you to not only upramp fast, but use these tools to train your own staff when you outsource these processes to others. No need to create the wheel. BONUS #1.

Early Access to my SEO, Marketing and Lead Generation Training

The next Knock 'em Out Kit is Master Your Marketing. By joining us here in Tackle Your Tech, you'll get early access to material created for that program, and a discount on the kit when it is released  in Q4, 2021. BONUS, #2.

The 2022 Vendor Tools and Operations Blue Book

Every day of the year, I discover new tools and new vendors that make running my consulting and online businesses hum. These range from tech tools to operational ideas and systems, and compile reviews and how to access these sources in what what I call the Blue Book. I've never released this compendium before, and you'll get full access to the 2022 edition for free when it rolls out March 17, 2022. The Blue Book will cost $199 for those not purchasing a Knock 'em Out Kit. Bonus #3.

Why WPMU and Elegant Themes For your Tech Needs?

Because they integrate as top in class WordPress tech providers. With 24/7 live chat support from WPMU, and the intuitive and beautiful design of Divi you can tackle your tech in month one. We use both here at Nihon Hustle, and could not have scaled our business, nor operated successfully without their assistance. They are that good.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you register a domain name for me?

Unfortunately, this is one thing we don't do. And, there are a few good reasons for this. For one, you will always want complete control over your domain name. Having someone else (particularly a domain hosting company) register it for you can cause all sorts of  issues you don't want to deal with, so always handle domain names on your own.

Second, we want you to take your consultancy for a ride this year. By purchasing the domain name on your own, you start off from the get-go with skin in the game, and that's a good thing, right?

Lastly, while we use and recommend Media Temple for domain names, there are a number of cheaper alternatives. If I needed to purchase a domain name and did not want to use Media Temple, I would consider (in no particular order) Name Silo, Hover, or NameCheap.

Remember, though, when purchasing your domain name, purchase only the name, do not purchase hosting, as that is what this knock 'em out kit provides for you. The domain name just helps you get rockin'.

First you need an address… the real esate comes later!

Isn't this too cheap? Isn't this too expensive?

In answering this question, I'm going to steal a page from WPMU's playbook. They get this question all the time, and it is precisely what I was thinking when I first discovered their offerings.

Initially, their tech did seem to be a bit on the expensive side when compared to shared hosting provided by other companies. For example, at Media Temple, I pay $20 a month and host about 100 sites there. So, it's affordable. But, as soon as I wanted to do more than just have a basic lead page up there, I noticed the sites were dragging like mad, which translates to lost visitors.

So, when I bit the bullet and began transferring my sites to WPMU, I felt like I was getting the deal of a lifetime. And, having been online since 1994 with websites, I had a lot of comparisons I could make. Funny how that works. I swear, I feel as though I should have several of their support team members over for dinner at this point.

WPMU has a partnership with Digital Ocean (they use what's known as server “droplets”) to keep hosting dedicated (not shared or on a “grid), and reasonable. These droplets can be purchased individually from Digital Ocean for $5 USD if you were looking to do all of this on your own a la carte.

Additionally, outside of WPMU's hosting and support, you also get the other goodies I've bundled into this Knock 'em Out Kit. This is were you might be thinking… what's the catch? Well, there isn't one. Because I have a licences for the plugins we provide at installation, I can share them with you as a client. That also includes the Divi Theme. Once the year is out, you will have to purchase the Divi theme package on your own, which also provides you with access to their support team and all future updates. Its a great investment. But in the first year, you get the theme for free. Support for Divi you can largely get through WPMU. I think in the last year, I've contacted Divi's support team three times. And, each time that was because my troubles were related to hosting problems with Media Temple. So, once you have everything on WMPU's servers, they can pretty much assist you with everything.

How does my own markup fit into the price of all this? Good question. The relatively thin markup I apply covers: the time it takes to set things up for you, a fraction of the cost I spend on the additional plugin and theme licenses I provide, the video training I offer, and the specific knowlege I have gained over the years in the tech and markekting space that will help you avoid twenty years of apprentiship and training.

My goal is to help you get your consulting practice off the ground. I struggled with doing the same thing for years. Certain technologies have made this easier as of late, but all the noise out there has made it increasingly difficult to analyze which options are best. 

Because it drive me batty to see well intentioned business builders stuck on technology, I want to help eliminate that obstacle. Marketing is hard enough. Sales is a killer. Tech does not have to be. A year from now, you can hand the tech off to someone else entirely, because you'll be selling more, and consulting more, right? Go get 'em.


Can I extend my access beyond a single year?

Absolutely. About two months before your one year anniversary date would arrive, I'll start to message you so you're informed of the end of your term. WPMU should also be reaching out to you around this time as well to remind you that you will want to renew your hosting contract with them. As always, everything I have created for the course within Teachable with remain yours for as long as you want access to it.

I already have a website, can I migrate it to WPMU?

Yes, indeed you can. And, here's the deal. If you already have a website, that means you already have email accounts, and a domain name. And, you've likely got a slew of images, and content, and all sorts of other things. In that case, I would suggest you forgo this particular kit, and simply sign up with WPMU directly. They will help you migrate your site, and have you up in no time flat. Once you've got all that rolling, you may be interested in my Master Your Marketing, or Target 200 kits, but if you already have a website, I'd say you're in good shape from a basic tech standpoint.

What happens after I've been with you for the full year?

Once the year is up, we cut you loose! Because you pre-pay for the first year of hosting with WPMU and get access to our bulk buying discount that first year, if you like how WPMU has performed for you, the billing will have already switched to you and you can continue with them from there. Of course, if you want to switch to another provider, you can do that as well. The big thing I focus on here is not tying you into anything beyond that first year. The rails are set in the first year to ensure you're able to move quickly with your tech, but you own the relationship with WPMU just as you do with your domain name provider. 

Once the year is up, you will also have to subscribe to Elegant Themes if you would like the updates they frequently dole out. It isn't necessary, but (and this is a BIG but) not renewing can open you up to problems with hackers and the like. So, as alsways, and with all tech, staying up to date is important. Elegant Themes Divi is only $89. USD for the year, $299 for a a lifetime license. So, again, if you like it, it's easy to stay with them. If not, you can check out another provider. 

As always, you'll retain access to all the training that came with this package. Yay!

If I've answered all your questions…

Here's What's Next.

Grab Your Domain Name

Use any domain reseller you would like to register your domain name. I use Media Temple. Three other good ones are: name, Hover, NameSilo, and NameCheap.

Media Temple Domains

Search For Your Domain

Search Bar

Pre-Register at a Discount

(Before September 1, 2020)

Tackle your Tech launches September 17th, but as you might expect, there are several advantages to signing up early. For one, you'll take advantage of the $50.00 early bird discount. Second, if you pre-register, I can get your tech ready ahead of time so you are ready to go right away on September 17th.

Installations are completed, first come, first served within the first 17 days of the course launch. So, once you have your domain name set up, pre-register on my Teachable page, and I will send you information that will help you take the next steps.


(From Sept. 17— Sept. 20, 2021)

On launch day, September 17th, 2021, you can still sign up for the course, but only until September 20th, 2021. On September 21 when the clock strikes 12:01 am Japan Standard Time, the course will close to new registrations until Q2, 2022. This way, I can keep classes relatively small, which is especially important when it comes to the monthly and group calls we will do within the course.

You get 365 days of access to:


  • WPMU Bronze hosting
    24/7 WPMU WordPress support
  • 14 premium plugins for: security, image and speed optimization, email and pop-up lists, YouTube integration, gallery creation, professional font icons and more.
  • The world class DIVI theme
  • The full library of training materials
  • The Nihon Hustle 2022 BlueBook
  • and… early access to the Master Your Marketing Knock 'em Out Kit, plus an early bird discount when it launches Q3.

365 Day Course Enrollment

Why Choose Business Hosting?

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Built to Last

Higher Traffic and Data Demanding Optimizations

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Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

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