Nihon Hustle

What’s in Your Tech Stack?

The technology you choose to use in your small business can heighten or hamper your success. Here, I take a look at a number of tools most small businesses will need to leverage to get the most out of business today.

Mastering WordPress for Small Business, Nihon Hustle

WordPress layout shot courtesy of, Launchpresso

Working with WordPress

Save for larger operations, with larger budgets, many small businesses these days run their websites of the powerful backend that is WordPress. If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of this bit of tech, check out my Working With WordPress section.

Hardware for Small Businesses

Podcasting equipment station photograph courtesy of Will Francis

In-office Technologies

Making your business hum requires a bevy of tech housed within the four walls of your business—in this section, I pull apart some of the physical hardware you may benefit from having within the confines of your physical space. Think: phones, fax machines, computers and peripherals, audio equipment and camera equipment… the list goes on.

Software for Small Businesses, Nihon Hustle

Image of the HQ in San Francisco, courtesty of Denys Nevozhai.

Software Tools

While today the typical SME outside manufacturing and retail is relying less and less on physical hardware to propel their business foward, software and SaaS providers have nicely filled that gap. In this section I tackle a number of essentials, and over time will grow this section out to cover even more vertical-specific reviews and recommendations.