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Why Don’t You Just Say This?

(Notes on how to scoop up a stellar sales copywriter from the department down the hall.)

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Why Don’t You Just Say This?

SALES PROS—want a win-win method for upping your sales outreach game? Try this.

One of the coolest things about working with startups and family businesses is you’ve got to be good at a lot of things to be good at anything… so, the teams you work with are this wonderful mix of talented people just looking to get scrappy. I’ve been blessed to work for mostly shops like this in my career and it is truly invigorating.

The thing is though, that sort of talent doesn’t exist just within the millions of #SaaS shops we’ve got populating the earth these days. Multi-dimensional talent exists in every company, of every size—you’ve just got to ask around a bit.

So, here’s a tip. If you want to plug some real juice into your sales efforts, find someone on the team who can write.

Perhaps you have a content team in place already. Or a bunch of interns hanging out in the marketing department dying for something exciting to do… maybe someone on your marketing team wouldn’t mind being asked to assist the sales team with the creation of a few new email sequences.

Whoever they are, this person likely exists on your team.

Find them.

Then, PAY THEM extra when they knock it out of the park for you.

Because people who play with words know how to say things six ways from Sunday, and you’ll be amazed at how they can take a struggling piece of sales email copy and make it sing in a heartbeat.

—Need a story to tell? Ask your in-house writer.
—Need 50 new email subject lines by lunch? Ask your in-house writer.
—Need a shorter way to say something? Ask your in-house writer.
—Need a more intriguing hook? Ask your in-house writer.

These folks already know your business, and want to help. They also should be paid handsomely for that effort.

So, if you’ve got a referral system that attaches monetary value to MQLS and SQLS, give that money to the writer.

Have a residual commission structure set up for SDRs? Add the writer into the mix. Bonuses? Hook up that writer.

If you want to find someone on your team who will bleed company colors like you never thought possible, pay the writer who for their whole life has been (and likely will be forever) underpaid.

Your account teams will thank you, your investors will thank you, your marketing team will thank you, and that writer will thank you for as long as they live.

The talent you’re looking for is most likely right underneath your nose.

Find ’em.

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