Where to Learn from Sales and Marketing Pros Without Breaking the Bank

NEW for 2021.

by Doc Kane

by Doc Kane

Updated: May 11, 2021

Save your money. Nearly everything you need to know about sales and marketing is available for free. Or, almost for free…

When you use the internet as it was designed—as the world's greatest research library, the world truly can be your oyster.

Yet, these days it's easy to lose our way in the morass of information masking as informative. Many a high ranking article has been designed by folks like me good at SEO, and decent with a pen. Google rewards content that seems to fit the bill, but sometimes misses the mark. Algorithm updates realign things for a period, but in the meantime, you're left with search results that pitch the same regurgitated information from low level sources. And, that's a hassle.

Having been around the sales and marketing block more than a few years myself, I decided I wanted my fellow small business owners and aspirants to get the right information—from the source.

So, what follows will be a growing list of sources that I refer to constantly to keep myself on the pulse of both online, and brick and mortar sales and marketing knowledge.

Each of these folks, and the resources they provide are top notch. Many are way ahead of the market, and if you model their approach, and (even better) dissect that approach you, your family, and your small business will be rewarded tenfold.

A note on the order of this list. There is really no order to it, except to say that the number one and number two slots are indeed, intentional. Regina is by far the most candid and honest shooter there is out there as far as growing a business. And, her knowledge revolving around creating, launching, marketing, and selling your own course is legendary. If you want to operate with integrity and could use a guide to help cut you through a lot of the B.S. that is out there, she is the most wonderful guide.

Second, Adam Enfroy occupies this spot because he is equally modest and sincere, and so damn informative if you want to learn about affiliate marketing and scaling a business with some speed. He and Regina are as genuine as they come, please go hang with them.

The rest of this list is sorted into two blocks of no less men and women of integrity. If the source material is from a single person or a company. Single people are listed first, then companies. As this list grows, to keep things simple, I may categorize things further, or alphabetize things, but for not, in the interest of speed and ease as far as content creation goes, this is the way things have fallen together. Minimum viable product, right?

A final note. Everyone is here because I respect what they have to say, and how they diliver their message. Both Adam and Regina, I have come to know personally… everyone else on this list is, as of know just on a list of folks I admire and learn from daily.

Okay. So, as with everything in business, things take time. So, be patient. But use this list, get out there, and hustle.


2. Adam Enfroy

3. Frank Kern

4. Neil Patel

5. Gael Breton and Mark Webster at Authority Hacker

6. Jon Dykstra at Fat Stacks

7. Jim Edwards

8. Marie Forleo 

9. Mushfiq at The Website Flip and EasyWins.io

10. Matt Diggity

11. Russell Brunson and the Team at ClickFunnels

12. Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income

13. The Team at Ahrefs

14. The Team at Shopify

15. The Team at SEM Rush

16. The Team at Unbounce

17. The Team at Keap

18. The Team at Marketo

19. Search Engine Journal

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