Business in Japan, YouTube Style

Written by Doc Kane

March 2, 2021

If you’re on the hunt for excellent English language content that concerns itself with business in Japan, you owe it to yourself to visit the following three YouTube channels. Each has a wealth of content and covers the gamut from how to find a job in Japan as an employee, to starting your own business, to workplace culture and norms.

Dale Carnegie in Japan

Dale Carnegie Japan TV on YouTube

Of particular note is Dr. Greg Story’s Dale Carnegie in Japan channel, bursting at the seams with both Japanese and English language content. There is so much to pull from this channel—you’ll be busy. I think it could be a wonderful way to beef up on your Japanese language skills given the subtitling that is available as well as the topic coverage if you’re wanting to start a business here in Japan. I love this channel. Greg’s Japan Mastery book is excellent as well. 

Bento Bureau

Bento Bureau Podcast on YouTube, Business in Japan

The Bento Bureau podcast on YouTube is the video companion to their audio podcast, and Facebook live stream of the same name. It’s a wonderful collection of interviews with business professionals and educators here in Japan. Interviews are conducted in English with great run times. Definitely worth your attention. I particularly enjoy the historical perspective of a number of their episodes. 

Tokyo State of Mind

Tokyo State of Mind on YouTube, Business in Japan

Another wonderful video podcast is the uber-relaxed and friendly, Tokyo State of Mind. This podcast is so pleasant to watch, and so informative (particularly if you’re interested in the MEXT scholarship program), that you’ll no doubt find yourself hopping from one interview to another, to another. Interviews are all done in English, and the show features an interesting mix of international participants. If you’re looking to start a business, or study here in Japan (even if you already have a degree), this is a wonderful channel to sink your teeth into.

And that is all! Happy learning. Let’s do this Japan business builders!

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