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Don’t get stuck in the SEO weeds with these three easy to use tools

(Here are the three tools I use everyday to stay on top of my SEO game.)

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Because you know SEO matters, and you love having good tools that help you stay ahead in organic search, here are three tools I use every day in my consulting practice.

1. For ensuring your titles don’t get cut off when playing with conversion optimization: Moz Title Tag Preview Tool

2. For making sure all your H1, H2, H3 tags are in order and SO much more: Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extension

3. For making everything swim together nicely and without the headache in #WordPress: WPMU DEV’s Smart Crawl Pro

Give these a run, and I guarantee you will notice the difference they make in your visibility and productivity.

P.S. If you want a pro to help you with this, reach out to Matt Diggity, he’s the Diggity-bomb.


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