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The Luxurious ReFa Head and Scalp Massager

Bring the spa right in your own home.


The Japanese Spa Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The ReFa Grace Head Spa.

Now when the end of the day arrives and you want nothing more than to relax in your own bath—undwinding in that special way you like to unwind, you’ll wonder how it was that before you knever knew to reach for the ReFa Grace Head Spa.

The ReFa Grace Head Spa

What is the ReFa Head Massager?

It’s the go-to Japanese engineered scalp massager used throughout the country from Oknawa to Hokkaido, and in spas, onsens, and homes where relaxing is goal one.

How does the ReFa Scalp Massager Work?

Designed to mimic the well-trained hands of professional estheticians here in Japan, the ReFa Grace Head Spa works by “gripping and kneading” the scalp upward with a gentle and uplifting “twist kneading” motion prized by estheticians.

Because this model is electric, the quiet mechanics of the massager work in a 3D motion adjusting to the angle and pressue of your own grip. In doing so, the Head Spa helps you remain comfortable and relaxed while you benefit from the treatment.

This is accomplished through the use of ReFa’s multidirectional patented Quatro 3D rollers that draw up the skin of your scalp to stimulate blood flow and release tension, as you can see in the illustrations below.

ReFa Quatro 3D rollers in actionReFa Quatro 3D rollers in action, top view

Are Electric Scalp Massagers Good for Hair?

Dermatological research conducted in Japann in 2016 and (referenced in the National Institutes of Health research library) and again in 2019 appeared to support the fact that regular scalp massage can improve hair thickness, reduce alopecia, and reduce hair loss. The research was far from extensive, but researchers and practitioners have found the results to be encouaraging. (Source: Healthline)

Some dermatologists recommend electric head massagers, while some are happy to recommend a simple finger massage. That said, if you’re not around a willing masseuse, a high end electric massager can not only remove that obstacle for you, but it also helps keep your fingers and hands relaxed while trying to massage your head. If you’ve ever tried to massage your own legs, or other parts of your body, you’re no doublt familiar with this obstacle to complete relaxation.

Overall, scalp massagers like this luxury model from ReFa can help to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles, while aiding in exfoliation and stress reduction.

Check out the ReFa Grace Head Spa and see for yourself.

Is the ReFa Grace Spa Head and Scalp Massager Easy to Use?

Yes. With it’s ergonomic and striking design, the Grace Head spa is as recognizable and easy to use as all ReFa products.

The ReFa massager is also water resistant to Japanese JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7), which means can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

What is the Best Way to Use the ReFa Grace Head Spa?

These general instructions should give you an idea as to how to best use the massager for your head and scalp as recommended directly from ReFa…


Does the ReFa Grace Head Spa Include any Attachments?

Yes. The massager includes to selectable brushes, one for kneading, and the other for cleansing. The massager also comes fully equipped with two operation speeds that operate at 220 rpm, or 240 rpm.

Where Can You Buy Your Very Own ReFa Grace Head Spa?

Well, if you don’t live in Japan like me, you can get it from our partner store, and they can ship it to you wherever you are in the world. Ready to experience Japan luxury in the comfort of your home?

Hold Luxury and Relaxation in your Hands with ReFa
ReFa Head and Scalp Massager in Use

Take it with you. Relax whereever you are with the waterproof, bathroom-ready elegant Grace Head Spa, from the brand known around the world for beauty and relaxation: ReFa. — (clickable image)