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(You’re more than what you get paid to do—even if you LOVE it.)

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In this joint, we all enjoy talking about business. A lot. It’s a “business” community, after all… so, that makes sense.

But, I’d bet you’re a whole lot more than what you get paid to do every day—even if you LOVE it.

I love sales and marketing… operations… and teams. But, I also love music, and cooking. Film and gardening… hell, I love just about everything it seems some days.

But that’s cool. That’s what makes me, me.
And, it’s what makes you, you.

So, I wanna encourage you to share that 360 degree version of yourself here. It’ll help people get to know you better… and it’ll help YOU get a better feel for who YOU are.

Stick with me a moment…


A lot of people struggle with what to say. With what to write.

And over the years, I’ve helped a lot of people get ideas out of their head and onto the page. Into email. And on the stage.

The funny thing is, I really don’t do much except ask questions. Maybe a lot of questions… Then, I write down what people say.

Sure, I’ll edit their work, spin things… massage words… maybe I’ll help people with flow. I am a drummer, after all. 😉

But, in the end, the work is really theirs. As it should be.

So, just write. Tell your story. And when you DIG INTO THAT on a regular basis, you’ll start to see what Your Act II might look like.

Act II?

Yeah. Just like everybody already has the WORDS inside them, I believe just about everybody also has a BUSINESS inside them.

Now, I’m not talkin’ about a… Google, or a Tesla kinda business… I’m talkin’ about a little something you can imagine calling your own—like my little Maplopo.

Something small.
Something YOU.

Something you’d do if you no longer had to commute to work.
Something you’d do… even if you were #retired. Or, semi-retired.

Dig into your own story. Because when you do, you dig into the real you. Then, when you happen on a few things, share. Because we want to know…

Are you:

—the best damn grill-master this side of Raleigh, like Pat Sgro?

—a wizard of video production, like Andrew William?

Or, do you:

—know your whiskey like the back of your hand, as Mac Salman does?

—know where the great movies are, like GV Amos does?

“Enquiring minds want to know.”

Share the love.
Share you.

Because independence is a plan.


P.S. Next year you’re gonna to hear me talk a lot about this thing called #1000Entrepreneurs.

The idea is, I want to help 1000 people launch some sort of small business before March, 2027 rolls around. Think, side hustles that can grow big… think, consulting. Think, the kind of thing you’d want to do if the office was just down the hall.

First step? Nail your story. What does YOUR “about” page say?

#b2bmarketing #businessinjapan #1000Entrepreneurs #YourActII

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