Steal The Secrets Of The World’s Top Sales & Marketing Pros Without Dropping A Single Dime

(Put their proven techniques into action and make that proverbial register of yours sing.)


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WHY You’ll Want It 

(Nothing Re-hashed. Nothing Held Back. The only guide that takes you straight-to-the-source.)

Our bi-annual Masters of Marketing series introduces you to the most successful sales and marketing professionals on the planet.

Professionals making things work in basement Shopify stores to big offices in Fortune 50 firms.

In disciplines as diverse as med tech, manufacturing, e-commerce, and supply chain, Masters of Marketing has got you covered.

Our honorees hail from six continents, know their specialties inside and out, and can quickly take you from not knowing where to start, to suddenly having a clear view of the finish line.

They’re where we want to be.
And, yet most, (if not all) we’ve never heard of until now.

They’re outperforming the market.

Their courses cost thousands. Buying their time can cost tens of thousands.

And, outside of hiring them to do the work with you (or do the work for you), the best way to get access to the models and methods they use, is to spy the content they share online.

The trick, though, is knowing where to look.

But that’s EXACTLY WHAT I DID. And…

This research took three years.

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And the pros I uncovered will help you fast-track your progress in so many areas it will surprise you.

—You get to shave years of research from your plate.

—Save thousands chasing the wrong people.

—Finally put a cap on all those questions you’ve sought answers to for years.

It’s A ROADMAP To Your Future

It’s a ROADMAP to the front porch of each of the 33 rock stars on our list, a knock at the door to where the answers lie, and an invitation to get stuff done.

I know because finding these pros has helped me leapfrog my own business in 2021.

I went from being a thirty-year veteran of marketing with disparate skills, to a full-stack marketer who can finally connect each of those jigsawed parts into a collective winning strategy that works.

And the proof… is in the pudding.

The reason you’re even reading this right now is a testament to all I have learned from them.

But, I don’t want these folks to remain a mystery to you.

I want you to know where they hang out so you too can benefit. 

Because once you know where to find them, you too will know how to:

Wring the most out of your Facebook and Google advertising budgets

Convert more leads (MQLs and SQLs), and close more business

Pump-up your personal and company brand

Tweak your SEO for maximum rankings

Understand how to effectively boost (and better engage with) your mailing list

Structure a course, or create a membership site

Master the phone and email when prospecting (the tech AND the talk)

Master conversion optimization

Amp-up your relationship building skills

AND nail your storytelling once and for all, so you and your business can thrive in 2022.

WHO’S Featured?

(“a veritable “Who’s Who” of sales and marketing professionals.”)

Who’s is on the list?

The world will find out December 31st.

But, you dear reader… if you grab the supplement before 12:01 on that evening… you’ll be in-the-know first.

But if you’re curious, these pros are…

Your every-day Inc. 500 manager, the B2B marketing director, the in-the-trenches consultant, the small business owner making waves despite competition from firms with bigger budgets and a larger payroll.

Business professionals who, while they may operate in our collective blindspot have figured out through hustle, grit, and experience, WHAT WORKS.

What works now, what used to work (but doesn’t anymore), and what’s likely to work as we line up for 2022.

They’re marketing’s best kept secret, and they’re always one damn step ahead of the rest of us.

You will find no “gurus” on the Masters of Marketing list.

Only hard-working, pioneering, sales and marketing professionals who are making a real impact on the bottom line.

WHAT You Get.

(A hella more than just a can of coffee, that’s for sure.)

For just a single dollar, you get this quarter’s complete list of 33 quota-crushing winners, along with a summary of each person’s insight into what’s happening now, and… what’s sneaking up on us from around the corner in 2022.

You’ll also get access to:

✅ Exclusive, special offers to work with some of the pros on the list…

✅ Bonus offers on the tools they use day in, and day out to maximize productivity…

✅ A complimentary copy of my Amazon Kindle book, Sales & Marketing Unvarnished…


✅  The Masters of Marketing Momentum Manual —a short’n’sweet playbook of action items you can do between now and the beginning of next year to set yourself up right for success in 2022.

You may recognize a few of these pros already—most you won’t. All, you can learn from.

And, by downloading… you get early access to the list before it’s released in full to the public at the close of the year.

AND (!), it’s only available right here, at this price, with all the discounts and bonuses, for ONLY THE NEXT TEN DAYS.

Why You’ll Want To Grab It NOW.

(Waiting can often be a good thing. This isn’t one of those occasions.)

Each of the professionals on our list has a limited amount of time to open their doors to new clients, and because of this, we have to limit the offer to work with them at this time to the last ten days of the year.

There will be no countdown timer.

Countdown timers are kinda silly.

If we’ve reached this level in our careers, we don’t need a timer to educate us on scarcity.

We’re pros here, right?

So, here’s the deal:

At 12:01 on December 31st (Pacific Standard Time), this page will simply disappear and redirect to the Amazon page. Simple.

So, don’t delay.

Because once December 31st rolls around, you’ll only be able to buy the legacy version of the list on Amazon, which will cost more because Amazon requires a higher price point, and because they take a commission.

So, you’ll pay more AND get less.

That stinks.

You’re better off downloading now instead of forfeiting thousands of dollars in professional discounts, as well as, unfortunately, missing out on my Sales & Marketing Unvarnished book, not to mention the Masters of Marketing Momentum Manual.

What Else Might YOU NEED TO KNOW?

(One of a kind. Years of research. Your future wins in mind.)

The Masters of Marketing supplement took three years to research.

✅ That’s three years you get to save researching, reading, and testing because I did all that for you.

✅ That’s three spent combing through the fakers and the cheaters to uncover the real pros.

These pros are the real deal. The professionals…

…working quietly at their craft while operating gently in the shadows…

… the professionals NOT gaming SEO to gain an unfair advantage…

… the professionals pulling in real success, real business… real money.


✅ This is the only bi-annual list that shows you precisely where to look for the real teachers out there, so you can save yourself from the gurus and witchcraft-pushers who hold back on how to do things…

✅ It’s the “Best Of The Best” in a short-and-sweet supplement you can digest quickly and start taking action on two minutes from right now.

And, it’s yours for just a buck. So, get it while it’s HOT.

A Note On Length (For The Skeptical Marketer…)

(We all know big things come in small packages, right?)

So… to be sure you’re aware dear friend…

This is a supplement, not a book. So, think small. Think LIST with other goodies thrown in for good measure.

I don’t want you complaining saying you wasted a buck on just a list. Cool?

YES. You can absolutely find each of these people online. That’s precisely how I put this resource together.

But, I spent an incredible amount of doing so.

And, that’s where the savings is… in The Compression Of Time.

So let’s get on with things and stop wasting time, no?

Scour the supplement.
Discover your next mentor.


As a supplement… it’s tiny.

As a resource…it its MIGHTY.

Small package, big punch.


Snag it now for just a buck.

Model just one of these Masters’ approaches next year, and set yourself up to win big.

We model these experts.
Our clients model these experts.
We believe you should too.

Ready to knock 2022 outta the park?

Here’s to business building!




Masters of Marketing, Q4, 2022




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