Nihon Hustle

Working With WordPress

75 Million websites use WordPress. It's as ubiquitous a small business tool as you can imagine. Simple, yet complex, it spawned an ecosystem both deep and wide. Here I provide a good jumping off points for training, plugins, themes, support… all sorts of information that can help you get the most out of your WordPress website.

WordPress Themes for Small Business, Nihon Hustle

Super-colorful theme imagery courtesy of, John Jennings.

WordPress Themes and Page Builders

Launching a small business website often starts with an off-the-rack WordPress themes. There are thousands to choose from. Here I take a look at a number of the most commonly supported. To me, popular (particularly trendy) does not equate to manageble—particularly if you're a solopreneur. So, what I cover here are themes and page builder with a robust online and offline support network.

WordPress Plugins for Small Business, Nihon Hustle

Clever architecture plugin photo couresty of, Joe Waranont.

WordPress Plugins

For many, a WordPress site is nothing without WordPress plugins. Indeed, they are valuable. And, plugins allow the average small business owner and entreprenuer the ability to leverage the skills of a programmer without having to consult one-on-one. But, they add bloat to your website, and these days with Google policing the speed of a site as it relates to SEO and visibility in search, being aware of how this affects the speed of your site is paramount. In this section, I explore common plugins (their benefits and drawbacks), which are essential for most businesses (and which are not)… free and paid, and everything else under the sun I can discover. 

Domain Hosting for Small Business, Nihon Hustle

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Website Hosting

Your home is where you lay your hat. The eternal beauty of this idiom, is that its relevancy extends to our online presence as well. You will find a multitude of recommendations for website hosting, the vast majority of which are driven soley by the commissions offered to affiliates who recommend their services. Millionaires made through promoting less than stellar domain hosts are legin online. I cover as many as I can, hosting the nearly one hundred domains I have across the spectrum of providers, and analyze each so you get a true idea as to what works, and what doesn't. 

Learn How to Use WordPress, Nihon Hustle

Our WordPress Learning photograph is courtesty of, Jez Timms.

WordPress Education

Sometimes we need just a little help to make things work. Sometimes, we need more than just a little. In my WordPress Education section, I take a look at some of the third party providers out there trying to help small businesses and entrepreneurs make sense of how to streamline and beautify a WordPress website… from text based education to video instruction, I work at covering the best of the best.