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Welcome. What follows is research I've conducted into each of the products and services below. As a trained historian, I enjoy digging into, and pulling apart what makes things tick. Maybe it's less of me being an historian, and more about being the progeny of engineers. Regardless, you… hopefully benefit. So, here is the sometimes technical, the occasionally deep, and the (hopefully always) useful scoop on some of the finer details of the products and services I use in life, and that you either now (or in the future) enjoy yourself.

Cheers, Doc

Money Transfer App, Japan, TransferWise

The research: Is TransferWise Safe? TransferWise—perhaps the most popular, most affordable, most easy to use international money transfer service on the planet (!) is also (it seems) the most questioned… too good to be true (!), there must be a catch (!), it can't be safe (!), it must be a scam (!), I hate to dampen your spirits, but TransferWise (Now, Wise), is completely safe. And, I'm pleased to have done the research for you that will help put your mind at rest