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Kobe Business Travel Hotel F.A.Q.

What are the most recommended hotels for business travelers to Kobe?

Numerous hotels are suitable for business travelers to Kobe. Some of the more frequently recommended properties are: The Royal Park Canvas, Tokyu REI, and the UNIZO Inn. Each of these hotels are located in the Sannomiya area of the city, and are all near the main station lines running through Kobe. There are, of course, actual “business” hotels in Kobe as well. Those are typically lesser in cost with less amenities as well.

Are there business hotels in Kobe that have a parking lot?
Yes, there are multiple hotels throughout Kobe city and its surrounding areas that have parking lots, both free and paid. In Kobe City proper, Centurion Hotel Vintage Kobe, Kobe Luminous Hotel Sannomiya, Kobe Tor Road Hotel Sanraku, Hotel Trusty Kobe Kyukyoryuchi and the new Dormy Inn Kobe Motomachi, all have parking, as do each of the hotels in the wider Kobe Hotels list. In the Harborland area of Kobe, Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland, and The Oriental Hotel, Meriken Park each have parking facilities. Further away, and near the Kobe airport, the Portopia Hotel also has plenty of parking. Wider opportunities for free parking exist in the Arima Onsen area. Arima is some distance from the city, but if you have a car it is a beautiful area to stay if you are looking for something more quaint than Kobe proper.  
Are there disability-accessible hotels in Kobe?
Yes, there are wheelchair accessible, and (in general) accessible hotels throughout Kobe. In Japan, you may find reference to accessible hotels by searching for “barrier-free” (the Japanese to English translation of “accessible”) If you find a hotel you would like to stay in, but aren't certain, it's always best to call ahead first. Many hotels have front desk staff that can handle inquiries in English. Business hotels, particularly within the Chuo district of Kobe City, are wheelchair accessible. Namely, Kobe Luminous Hotel Sannomiya, Fontaine Kobe Sannomiya, Sotetsu Fressain, and Hotel Villa Fontaine Kobe.
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