You've told yourself once again… “2021 is my year.” … and you're right. It is your year.


All you need are a few nuggets of information from a distant mentor like me who has been there before. What's the catch? No catch! Since I'm adding to the book, I'm thinking I'll send you an occasional update from time to time. No more than once a quarter (four times a year). If that sounds okay to you, feel free to sign up, and get in on the fun. Cool? Here's to a life worth living. Cheers, Doc 

Which Nuggets Are Included?

LAUNCH You, Inc.

If you think you spend too much in taxes each year, if you're looking for a way to escape from a career you don't love anymore, or never did, LAUNCH You, Inc. might help light a fire under your butt.

PAMPER Yourself.

Women, you're great at this. Men, we're more than lagging behind. Sometimes a reminder and a plan for taking care of ourselves is what we need when we're lost in overwhelm. This nugget was written with you (and me) in mind. 

EXCISE This Fightin' Word From Your Vocabulary.

As a communicator, one thing I have learned in five decades of life is that words matter. A LOT. There is one word I've found that starts and ends many fights. This puppy was learned in the trenches of my own family. Who, sadly, still haven't followed my advice. And, still fight like boxers in the final round.

KNOW Your Macros.

The kind of macros I talk about in this nugget are financial in nature. And, things we all likely overlook. Not the big things, the little things. And, many times, even when we feel we're counting all of our pennies, we're not.

HOLD Your Own Breakfast Club.

I have a friend who doesn't have to work anymore, but still does. Years ago he started a breakfast club and invited me. I was the broke writer sitting at a table of millionaires. I learned a few things. That's what this little nugget is about.

DON'T Set All Those Reminders.

I love reminders because I can't remember a damn thing. But, there is a thing as too much. I learned this tip from my wife, and it works. 

MAKE Your Own Spice Blends.

I love to cook. And there is hardly anything more satisfying to a home chef than a pantry filled with spice. Life is even better when you figure out how to make your own. Want some more encouragement? This one is for you.

PROTECT Your Assets.

What would you do if you lost something you valued? Sure, we all have insurance for our car, our house, our apartment… but what about those things we're not insuring? And is it just about monetary losses we're concerned about? Even when you have little to protect, you have a lot to protect.

How to Never Be Fat, Broke, Dumb, and Lonely Cover

Companies I've Worked With…

Doc Kane Clients and Work Experience

“There are generally a handful of people that you meet in a lifetime where you think, “Man, I'm glad that I know this person.” Doc Kane is one of those people because he has the drive and ambition to succeed, but without having to step on people as he climbs the proverbial ladder.” He isn't one of those people that you meet who asks for something from you, or is looking to enhance his position. To the contrary, Doc will smile, put a friendly hand out, and ask, “What do you need?” And you know that this gesture is honest and sincere. — Dave Hintz, Marketing Director, Envision Networks

“Doc is a multi-talented individual whose success begins with his natural and quick ability to create sincere relationships with people. Across any level of the organization, Doc connects with people to build rapport and gain understanding of their needs. his ability to foll0w-through further solidifies his initial relationship foundations.” — Mark Hofstetter, Logistics Manager, The Home Depot

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