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How to Start a Business in Japan

Want to do more business in Japan?

Howdy, I'm Doc Kane. I love helping folks build businesses in Japan. Need my help?

Who is Doc Kane?

He's an author, 20 year sales and marketing veteran, and co-founder of the Japanese literature translation firm, Maplopo. CNBC interviewed him because of his work as a manager at, and he was the archival researcher for the History Channel's Emmy Nominated “Vietnam in HD.” Doc lives in Kobe with his wife and co-founder, Reiko.

Doc Kane in Japan

Ready to grow your business in Japan?

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I want to start an online business in Japan.

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I have a business in Japan, and want to grow that business.

If you need help with marketing and sales advice, check out my articles covering these areas.

I have a business outside Japan and want to do business IN Japan.

For information and connections to people and agencies in Japan who can help you open an office and launch a business in Japan, check out my prefectural resource guides.

I am a service provider offering services.

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I am an employer looking for talent.

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