Japan SMEs to Benefit from E-commerce and Innovation Events in February

Written by Doc Kane

February 9, 2021

SMEAs SME Business Succession Support Package

If you've got designs on working within Japan's e-commerce marketplace, or are curious as to the opportunities that might exist to consult, or even run a business facing succession concerns, you might want to fire up your computer the second week of February, 2021.

In an attempt to foster innovation surrounding Japan's massive business succession challenge, the Corporate Finance and Tax Affairs Division, Business Environment Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency is hosting an innovation pitch event called, Atotsugi Koshien, on February 19th.

The competition pits several entrepreneur-led teams against in an attemtp to “foster public awareness and attach prestige to the effort of taking over existing businesses, encouraging young business enthusiasts to embrace the business opportunities that are created through the succession of existing profitable businesses, in particular, for the young generations; and through this, to increase the vitality and profitability of those SMEs.”((https://www.meti.go.jp/english/press/2021/0112_001.html)) Looks like a pretty cool deal. All in Japanese, of course, but if your Japanese skills are up to par, and you want to, or already work in the SME space here in Japan, I'd highly advise you check it out. Visit the Atotsugi Koshien website before you miss out. Sign up directly at the Peatix event site.

Also taking place this month is ECCAMP (E-commerce camp)—also online. E-commerce here in Japan while diverse still remains somewhat untapped by small and medium businesses. Even solopreneurs and side hustlers  (English teachers, I'm looking at you), could reap tremendous rewards by paying attention to the ecommerce landscape here in Japan. Things are indeed different, than elsewhere. Learn from those already in the trenches. The list of companies in this free week-long online session look strong, and include: Agile Media Network, Rakuten (of course!), Shopify Japan, GMO Makeshop, Brangista, C2J Japan, Konoike Transport, and many more. Worth a look-see. Oh, and of course… yes, everything is in Japanese. Study. Study. Study! (Me too… )

Good luck!

SMEAs SME Business Succession Support Package

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