Le Creuset Screwpull Wine Opener Review: The Best Corkscrew You Will Ever Own. And... it's portable.

Opening a bottle of wine should be simple. It should not involve a sweaty brow… what would your significant other think? … easy. affordable. right. The Le Creuset.

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Review of the Screwpull Wine Bottle Opener

To be deft with a good corkscrew requires a good corkscrew. My bet is if this is important to you, you will be as pleased with the Le Creuset Screwpull as I have been… for nearly a decade now.

Last Updated: April 5, 2021

Here in Japan, we love a good end to the evening. A quaint visit to the izakaya, a rambunctious  hour or two at the tachinomi, a nice evening at home with a loved one. Most (if not all, really… right?) involve some form of lovely libation. And when you're deep in the middle of the last of my three comparisons, you're going to need a good corkscrew.

Enter, the LeCreuset. This puppy used to be called a “Screwpull,” and since the line was purchased by Le Creuset, the French cookware brand has simply appended Screwpull to the end of it's name to carry on the goodness. It's essentially the same tool, but some reviewers have commented it's a lesser version of the original Screwpull.

About ten years ago or so I first purchased mine, and it was a workhoure for years and years. I gave mine away when I left for Japan, and then purchased another one when the time came to open a bottle of wine in my new Kobe home. Suprisingly, on the very first open, it broke. Oops. That wasn't expected. But, I contacted customer service and had another one delivered within a day or so. That second one has been going strong for about two years now. So, things break… it doesn't they should be avoided entirely. Everything breaks. And, pretty much everything can be fixed or replaced. Mine gets a lot of use. And it is dead-simple to use.

Opening a bottle of wine with a Screwpull is as easy as pie. I've used a Rabbit. Sure… they look cool. But they're heavy as hell. And… well, awkward. Like a bad date. Like an albatross. These architecturaly beautiful wine openers are (sadly, as it often is), not enginerringly (is that even a word?) sound.

This travel wine opener from LeCreuset, however IS indeed funtional. And, dare I say, attractive as well?

It's light.
It's easy to use.
It's affordable.

Give it a shot. If you get a wonky one, contact support. Get a new one. It could happen. The model you see in the video I've included is several years old now. It works great. And, it is a replacement. Not bad, right?

Open your wine with ease. Just like I did in the video…

Your love is waiting…

April 1, 2021

In your pocket.

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