The Best International Money Transfer App for Sending Money to Japan? The One You Know Exists. Introducing…

The ¥ LIST.

Last updated: January 26, 2021


If you want to move money in and out of Japan, knowing the quickest, cheapest ways of doing so is always in your best interest. Of course, options for wire transfers abound, but depending on your bank, it's rates, and whether you're located in Japan or outside the country at the time of the transfer, each will affect the amount of money you spend to get access to your own funds.

Some of the below apps are better for international money transfers, while others are more geared toward sending and accepting payments in Japan, or should you need to pay a freelancer or contractor who lives in Japan. All are free to download, simple to use and come with built in language support for a multitude of languages. Some you will recognize. Most you will not. And that's (hopefully!) where this frequently updated page will come in handy.

Small businesses in Japan, and solopreneurs really can't exist in today's economy without a handle on international money transfers. This definitive list of apps should serve as a good jumping off point. If you'd like an even more detailed look at the intracacies of each one of these money transfer apps, check out our complete international money transfer review collection to help you choose the best app for sending money to or from Japan.

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