Go Ahead, Be Bold.

Your mother warned you about the type. You know, the one with a swagger that would give 50’s rebel Jim Stark pause, the one you’d love to hang out with, but were afraid to bring home. The attraction wasn’t frivolous, though, there were skills involved.

There was also that knife – Bold. Strong. Sharp. …and Elegant.

It fit in your hand like their hand did in yours—as it should, comfortably. The way a classic chef’s knife should. Except, this wasn't a chefs knife… a Nagiri, apparently. Because everyone should have a knife just for vegetables…

You had to have it.

Maybe it was the $500 bottle of 2004 Penfolds Grange Shiraz you shared together that evening, or the intoxicating aroma of the dinner you both prepared.

You’re still not sure, but unhinged in you was the overwhelming desire to snag that knife for yourself as you eyed it unsupervised and askew on the mighty Boos Block. But you kept your cool.

The next morning, as you said your goodbyes, you heard: “Would you like to borrow it?” as you moved toward the door. “No, thanks,” you replied, knowing you’d return for more.

You never saw one another again. And that’s okay. You’re happy now—as you should be. But every once and awhile you’re reminded of that adventure. And in those moments when you’re reflecting on your past, you drift back to that night and reminisce … and then you kick yourself, “Damn, I should have snagged that knife.”

The Yoshihiro NSW Damascus Usuba Nakiri Vegetable Knife. Go ahead, be bold. Snag yours, before they’re gone.

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The technical stuff:

Nakiri are the best Japanese knives for cutting vegetables because of their light weight and razor sharp edge. With this nakiri from Yoshihiro, creating thin vegetable slices is a breeze, and chopping vegetables rapidly simple. With proper care, it will the sort of vegetable  knife you can hand down as an heirloom.

• Dimensions: 12 x 0.8 x 1.75 inches
• Hardness Rockwell C scale: 60
• VG-10 is a Japanese stainless steel that is often utilized in high end Japanese cutlery. It has a hardness, or a HRC level, that exceeds that of most other stainless steel cutlery on the market. Its exceptional hardness means that the cutting edge can be constructed thinner, and therefore sharper, allowing the blade to seamlessly cut through almost any ingredient placed in front of it.
• Forged and hammered with 46 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with a VG-10 Core, the VG-10 Hammered Damascus Series has been a perennial one of the best seller, combining performance, beauty, and extraordinary value.
• Super-thin (Usuba) blade designed for perfecting vegetable cuts and slicing cylindrical vegetables into thin sheets.
• Hollow ground ovals in blade promote less stick and smoother cuts
• Shitan (Rosewood) handle for durability, style and even a little scent.
• Magnolia Saya (Knife sheath) included

The Yoshihiro NSW Damaskus Usuba Nakiri Japanese Knife

Lookin' sharp. The Yoshihiro NSW Damascus Nakiri— (clickable image)