Nihon Hustle

At Home in Japan

Inside the Japanese Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Absent though the hearth may be, the warmth of the Japanese kitchen is always inspiring. The daikon is stewing, the fish firing up on the grill, a healthy cup of Nihonshu has been poured (more than once) Let's dig in…

Inside the Japanese Bedroom

In the Bedroom

The sun indeed rises early here in Japan, and a starting the day off right begins the evening prior… warm sheets in the winter, and hardly anything in the summer. It's cozy and spacious in the bedroom, and not a circuit board in sight…

Inside the Japanese Bath

In the Bath

Soothing water, calm air, fragrant scent, and comfortable surroundings make the Japanese bath a place of pure relaxation… a dimly lit space, perhaps some incense prior to your soak, and a gentle fan at the close to compliment those soft towels…

Inside the Home Library

In the Library

Perhaps no more welcoming a room exists in a home than the library. Wars are fought there and journeys are taken. Between dusty and crisp spines alike, mechanics are learned, recipes dreamt-up, fright is contained and joy released…

Inside the Japanese Garden

In the Garden

A crisp breeze, a buzzing bee… dirt under your nails, and the Maples above your head. The bonsai keep your hands nimble and the spade tends to your physique. In the Japanese garden, everyone is at once artist and monk…

Inside the Japanese Workshop

In the Workshop

Pull, push, strike, and bend. The workshop calls. There are gifts to craft, necessities to repair. The saws, and wood planes that make up this place are your friends, and they're eager to have you put them to something rewarding…

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